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And the Winner is

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Epic Fly Fishing Adventure

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Midwest Fishing Adventures iPhone Application

Midwest Fishing Adventures has developed an application for the iPhone that will allow you to USGS stream data for all reporting stations in the United States, find canoe launches

And the November Winner Is...

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Winter Doesn't Have to be the End: Winter Fly Fishing Techniques For Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Many Fly Fisherman quit fishing for largemouth  and smallmouth in early to late fall because they are under the misconception that these species of fish hibernate. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass continue to feed through the winter albeit at a much, much slower rate. Since they continue to feed they can not only be caught but caught on the fly.

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Midwest Fishing Adventures Monthly Free Drawing

Largemouth and Smallmouth Fly Pack!

Up for grabs this month is a fly variety pack designed for targeting Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. No purchase necessary and all entries are deleted after the winner has been drawn.







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