A Paradise Lost

Brook Trout at Paradise Springs

Paradise Springs is a natural spring where the water table below reaches the surface. As much as 30,000 gallons of water flow from Paradise Springs each hour keeping the temperature around 47 degrees year round. No matter how harsh the winters get, Paradise Springs never freezes over and until recently ice would never form on the pond any where. This unique characteristic allows Paradise Springs to open January 1st for catch and release fishing. There are very few fisheries in Wisconsin open before the early catch and release season that starts the first Saturday of March, making it an attractive destination for those who need their fly fishing fix in the middle of the winter.

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Finally! Landed My First Lake Run Brown Out of a Tributary of Lake Michigan

Finally! I have landed my first Lake Run Brown out of a tributary of Lake Michigan. I have been eating and sleeping fishing for Browns and Steelhead. I have to thank a couple people publically. First my wife has put up with me taking days off to drive up into Wisconsin in search of Browns and Steelhead. I am definitately not the best husband but I have the best wife that is for sure. Second, I need to thank Alan from Berglund Custom Rods. I spent several hours this past Sunday with him learning as much as I can.

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Two Days Chasing Browns and Steelhead and Came Up Empty Handed. Well Almost...

King Salmon Caught on Brown Wooly Bugger

I took two days off work to go chase Steelhead and Browns in the tributiaries of Lake Michigan. Late last year I finally started figuring out how to consistently catch Smallmouth and Largemouth on the fly so In the late fall when the Smallmouth action slowed down I decided to expand my horizons and start my search for my first steelhead and lake run brown. Last year I went up twice and each time only one King landed. While Kings are a blast to catch they are also a nuisance to me. I would say half the time I foul-hooked them and more than half the time they broke me off. So my 2013 season ended with two kings and no steelhead or browns.

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Take Advantage of the Beautiful Autumn Days and Catch Some Northern Pike

Northern Pike caught on the fly

As the temperatures continue to dip and the days get shorter the smallmouth make their way to their wintering holes, their metabolism dramatically slows down and they become sluggish. All is not lost. You can enjoy the beautiful autumn days all the same.

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How to Extend Your Trout Season: Illinois' Catch and Release Fall Season

Wisconsin's inland trout season ended on September 30th, but I have found a way to extend my trout season for another two weeks. Illinois started something new this season with the introduction of a special catch and release season at select sites. The catch and release season goes from October 4th to the 18th. On the 18th, the creel limit per person is five trout.

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Going Against the Grain: Using the San Juan Worm in Driftless Area Wisconsin

Rainbow Trout Caught on Red San Juan Worm

I can't believe another fishing season is nearing its end. We can fish for smallmouth into December but soon they will be much less aggressive, feeding sporadically and hunkered down in their wintering holes. Trout season ends September 30th in Wisconsin and I can only hope we get some type of mild fall and winter so I can chase Browns, Cohos, Kings and Steelhead well into December. Since the inland trout season is coming to an end, I want to focus on some techniques I learned this year chasing Browns and Rainbows up in the Drifless Area in Wisconsin.

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